Over the years I have been operating my candle business, I have had lots of frustration with the supply of our straight-sided tumblers, especially during the Holidays. With this economy and the vulnerability of the global supply chain, I have had to wait for weeks if not months to receive supplies. It has been quite a nightmare, so I decided to pursue other options.  Initially, I engaged manufacturers in China, and I loved what they offered however the cost of shipping was quite prohibitive for a small business like mine. I also didn’t think it would have been a good investment after all. I then started to research options closer to home and with my priorities being: 1) Quality; 2) Value/Interest to Customers; 3) Safety; 4) Sustainability; and 5) Affordability. The one thing that checked all my boxes was concrete candle making. Trust me, as a mom of two little boys, I understand how much additional work this is but gosh, it has put my creativity on another level and really has been a good mental escape for me.

The process of concrete candle crafting has brought such joy to me, and I am so excited by the fact that the final product that I deliver to my customers would be made by my hands 100%. That is a big deal! I enjoy mixing, playing with colors, and unmolding/unveiling my work of art. I have also added handmade concrete coasters, which I hand paint and may eventually add on other home décor as customers’ demand increases.

I have had a lot of people ask me about SAFETY of these handmade vessels and trust me, this is also a priority for me. I have thoroughly researched concrete candles and myself as a candlemaker have tested on multiple fronts to ensure that the vessels can with stand heat, that the wicks work properly without, flickering, and tunneling (yes, fun candle terminology), and that the fragrance is potent! My concrete vessels are heat-resistant, and they create safe, long-lasting fragrance experience. The lovely colors are soothing, vibrant, and neutral as well giving a unique aesthetic appeal to your home décor. Any of these selections would blend well with your specific home décor, if selected with that in mind. They can be used as a center piece that goes with our matching coasters stacked next to it or as pop of color in the background.  Concrete candle jars are becoming popular because of its uniqueness and the environmental conscious element that it is. These vessels can be repurposed, reused (like heat up old wax using a double boiler method and place jar on a wax warmer), or recycled.  You can also clean up and add makeup brushes or pens, plant flowers and do variety of things with the empty jars.


We will be revamping our website soon and adding these unique hand-crafted pieces that we’re looking forward to you enjoying.


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