Care Card & Safety



At DH Home Fragrances, we strive to bring you products that are high quality and meet standards for health and safety. Our luxuriously scented products are hand poured at home with total dedication; each candle is thoroughly inspected. To help you enjoy your candles, we suggest that you follow the care instructions below.


  • Burn your candle for 1-3 hours to ensure that the entire surface melts to the edges of the vessel. This will help prevent tunneling and ensure an even burn for the life of the candle (up to 40 hours). Your new candle is cut to the right length.
  • Please keep away from children, pets, and flammable objects.
  • Trim your wick to 1/4 inch before each burn so that candle burns evenly and steadily. It also prevents the candle from smoking. You may want to purchase a wick trimmer.
  • Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time. 
  • Allow enough time for wax to solidify before re-lighting
  • If soot forms on the inside of the vessel, extinguish flame, wait for the candle to cool, wipe with a damp cloth then trim and relight.
  • If the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly; extinguish and let cool
  • Please use caution when transferring hot glass.
  • Do not leave a lighted candle unattended.
  • After your first burn, the top of your soy wax may be rough and bumpy. This is a normal occurrence and in fact proof that your candle is made from all-natural soy wax.
  • Stop burning when there is 1/2 inch of wax remaining in the vessel
  • You may see a white-ish color coating on the side of the jar. This is called frosting. This occurs from time to time in the soy wax cooling process (soy candles are temperature sensitive) but it in no way affects the burn ability or fragrance of a candle. This is a natural effect of soy wax and only occurs throughout vegetable waxes.



Benefits of our 100% Wax Candles
Soy wax is slow burning. You'll get a longer lasting candle for your money compared to paraffin and other synthetic wax candles.
Our fragrance oils are 100% phthalate-free
Clean and repurpose your vessel after you've enjoyed your candle. Suggestions for repurposing: flower vase, pens& pencils holder, Q-tips and cotton pads, tea light vessel