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Hello and welcome to our brand-new website! We are excited to welcome you all on this first day of shopping on our website. We took many months working on this website to ensure that our customers have an amazing experience from start to finish.  We are really pleased that our hand poured products, which we have dedicated significant time to perfecting is now available to you online and we guarantee you would love your products. We assure you that your satisfaction is our number one priority because without you we would not succeed.  At DH Home Fragrances, we are proud to offer a selection of sustainable products made from non-toxic ingredients that are grown  and /or processed United States.  We assure you the...

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The Creator

Hello Shoppers! My name is Deddeh (pronounced Deh-deh; Liberian tribal name meaning flight/takeoff). I am a mother, a wife, a nonprofit leader during the day, and a life-long scented candle lover myself. I have purchased candles of different varieties not really understanding how toxic the materials many large and well-branded companies put on the market until I started to do my own research. Paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product created when crude oil is refined into gasoline, is widely used.  Over time, I have lit candles that burned half way, to the side, in the middle, or just some that just wouldn’t burn. My love for candles wasn’t dying because it sets the ambience for my relaxation, romance, and special events....

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