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DIY Concrete Tray Kit

DIY Concrete Tray Kit

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Ready to ignite your creativity? Our DIY concrete tray making kits will help you create stunning, modern concrete trays that is a statement piece and conversation starter. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or looking for fun, entertaining craft activity for date night or events, or something unique to gift your loved one, we got you. Share the joy of creating with others and inspire them to explore their own creativity.

Our kits provide easy to follow instructions and high-quality materials to ensure that your personally designed decorative tray made with concrete turn out beautifully every time. 

 DIY Concrete Tray Kit contains:


  • Premixed Cement
  • Mixing cups
  • Stirring sticks
  • Color Pigment
  • Two reuseable molds
  • Protective gloves (2 pairs)
  • Protective Masks (2)
  • Sealer
  • Sandpaper
  • Step by step toolkit guide and tips


    The kit allows you to create 2-4 concrete trays that are perfect to be used as candle holders, jewelry, and decorative piece.

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